Estée Lauder Launches on Google Home

Estée Lauder has launched a beauty-focused app for Google Assistant on the Google Home device that focuses on personalisation. The Estée Lauder Nighttime Expert, as the in-home experience is called, offers personalised skincare solutions through voice activation. The chat experience offers consumers their own nighttime skincare routine and application techniques through a series of questions and answers.

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The Death Knell for the Bricks-and-Mortar Store? Not Yet

Recent years have seen store closings from small brands and seismic contractions from major retailers, including Hudson’s Bay Company’s sale of the landmark Lord & Taylor building on Fifth Avenue last month to WeWork. But the solution is not the end of bricks and mortar, as some in the industry once anticipated.

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Connect Bags and Emotional Relevance to Drive Customer Loyalty

If your handbag could talk, would you want the brand it’s from to listen? How about if sharing the data it collects on you could lead you to gain access to highly relevant, truly personalised and ultimately exclusive experiences consistently?It’s a fine line between what of that is a serious privacy conversation, and what’s otherwise merely an outlined future of projected value exchange tied to the internet of things.

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The Supply Chain is Becoming Part of Luxury Designers’ Branding Strategies

The way forward for both emerging designers and established brands who hope to stay in step with a changing customer is to overhaul the supply chain by emphasizing relationships with manufacturers, understanding data, aligning production cycles to consumer behavior and practicing transparency.

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Exclusive: UNIQLO & Toray, The Art and Science of LifeWear

In celebration of their 15 year partnership, UNIQLO and Toray hosted The Art and Science of LifeWear, an exhibition showcasing their innovative creations. TheCurrent sat down with Masahiko Nakasuji, Global CMO at UNIQLO, and Hajime Ishii, Director at Toray Industries.

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What shoppers really want from personalized marketing

Anyone who has gotten an unsolicited and irrelevant offer related to something they’ve done online knows that creepy feeling that someone is watching me. This kind of reaction is the third rail of today’s drive to personalize interactions with customers. That’s a problem because, when done right, personalization can be a huge boon for retailers...

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Nike is using its new digital studio to build a community

A year after acquiring Virgin Mega, Nike is revealing some of the early results of its experiments with augmented reality and community-building.Virgin Mega was a startup backed by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group that focused on fan communities and shopping. Ron Faris, who led the startup, told me that Nike acquired Virgin Mega in order to explore those...

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How Technology is Shaping Sustainable Fashion

Stella McCartney may have delivered the line with a laugh while onstage at Vogue's Forces of Fashion conference earlier this month, but one got the sense that she was dead serious. The British designer was onstage speaking about ethical and sustainablefashion, and she quickly drew a connection between treating the planet well and updating the industry's...

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The Old Fashion System Is Failing New Designers

In early November, the Council of Fashion Designers of America and the US edition of the most influential fashion publication in the world will announce the winner of the latest CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund (CVFF), a competition for young designers aiming to boost their businesses. Winning the CVFF brings accolades, a financial award (now $400,000)...

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Fashion Brands Have a Long Way to go With Mobile Retail

The fashion industry has always been famously slow to adopt new technology, and while most fashion brands at least now have an e-commerce component (that's right, most), many of them seem to feel like that alone is enough to bring them success in the modern age. In reality, though, most of them are not doing nearly as much as they could be to engage...

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New brands are changing what ‘made in China’ means

Les Lunes, along with companies like Grana, Ellie Kai and Everlane, is part of a cohort of modern fashion brands that have recognized China as a valuable manufacturing partner for high-quality, ethically made apparel that still operates on a quick production cycle. They’re also brands known for practicing supply chain transparency, meaning China’s role...

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AR Lets You Watch a Lifesize Catwalk In Your Front Room

Augmented reality start-up, HoloMe, has teamed up with young British fashion brand, RIXO London, to create a holographic version of the catwalk show for users to watch at home.Models wearing pieces from the designer’s latest collection were captured in augmented reality using HoloMe’s software solution, which automatically processes visual...

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Apple's Tim Cook On The Future Of Fashion & Shopping

Imagine that you’re out to lunch, and in walks a woman wearing a terrific-looking coat. Who designed it? Did she buy it last season, or is it still on sale? Covertly, you give her coat a quick scan on your smartphone, find out it’s available on Farfetch, and moments later it's on its way out for delivery. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, that future may not be far off. 

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Can Rent the Runway become the Spotify of fashion?

If you believe Jennifer Hyman, CEO of Rent the Runway, her company is a major disruptor in fashion. It rents out designer clothes from some 500 different brands to subscribers who pay a monthly fee, allowing them to borrow a high-end wardrobe for much less than it would cost to actually buy. The company has thrived, topping $100 million in revenue last...

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TECH IT EASY - Fashion & Retail

Last week Tech It Easy gathered top industry leaders and pioneering entrepreneurs on H-Farm's campus to discuss how new technologies are innovating fashion and retail.  The event featured an invigorating discussion with Ben Jones, CEO of Bull in a China Shop, and presentations by TheCurrent startup partners: UnmadeSmartPixelsSmartzer, and Heuritech.

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Anna Wintour Changed Publishing and Fashion

When reading about Anna Wintour, one inevitably comes across phrases like “fashion icon” and “legendary editor.” While both are unequivocally true, to celebrate Wintour solely for her role as media’s most famous tastemaker is to sell short her many other accomplishments. The longtime Vogue editor in chief and Condé Nast artistic director has an influence...

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Adidas' new Chicago store goes hyperlocal

Adidas latest flagship store, unveiled in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood earlier this month, features murals and sculptures from local artists, according to a company press release. The store, which is located under a portion of the city’s iconic elevated train tracks, features an "EL" train-inspired dressing room and a community wall giving customers a way...

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