COMING SOON: The First Global Fashion & Retail Accelerator


TheCurrent's Global Fashion & Retail Accelerator is an open innovation program powered by H-FARM. It is dedicated to companies seeking to truly tap into global talent and ideas to stay ahead and generate growth via creative tech-driven solutions & partners.


Industry Partners

Industry Partners will kick-off the program by working with our acceleration advisors on identifying areas of focus and then  selecting a group of top Startups from all around the globe to offer opportunities to collaborate on new products & services. These partners will also have the possibility to invest with exclusive terms.



Startups will have the opportunity to join the only program in the world connecting them to leading fashion and retail brands in Europe & in the United States. Teams will be hosted for two months at H-Farm's Venice campus, then moving to in New York City for two more months. The final presentation will take place in Austin, during South by Southwest.